Structured mental exercises are a routine part of rehabilitation and cognitive development for those who have experienced mild or severe brain damage, developmental delays, short-term memory loss from strokes, brain surgeries, or other brain based anomalies. These cognitive exercises work by challenging the brain, stimulating the development of new connections that begins the rewiring process and forming new neuropathways that bridge over the damaged or underdeveloped part of the brain. When someone is discharged from rehabilitation hospitals as an outpatient, continuing with these exercises is often difficult or impossible. The regular trips required to go back to the rehab center are at the least very time consuming and often very difficult. Even though continued cognitive improvement is possible, it does not always happen.

Now, through an innovative breakthrough by Cognitive Systems, cognitively impaired individuals can continue their rehabilitation and development in the comfort and safety of their own homes through the Internet. Cognitive Systems will install a dedicated Internet ready computer to your home. You may use it as often as you like to do computer assisted cognitive exercises. After placing the system in your home and showing you how to use it, Cognitive Systems will link you to a specially trained Cognitive Rehab Therapist (CRT) through a secure Internet site. The therapist will guide you through the training and modify the exercises as your training progresses.

More than 140 persons across the United States with cognitive deficits from strokes, auto accidents, sports injuries, surgeries, chemotherapy and/or from learning disabilities have significantly improved their cognitive abilities through the Cognitive Systems-Teletherapy System. CompSource of OK (Workers Compensation), OK Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and Oklahoma City Public Schools recognize Cognitive Systems as an authorized service provider.