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M.B.C.C. – Cognitive Emergence Program

Beginning April 2006, over eight years ago,  the M.B.C.C. Education Department was specially blessed with the introduction of the C.S.I. “Cognitive Emergence Program”.  To date, 533 students have benefitted and enjoyed long-term growth, both educationally and personally. Academically measurable results have proven C.S.I. is a wonderful pairing with education.  Standard T.A.B.E. test results continue to be the educational unit of …

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Excerpts from the Teletherapy Project

Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF) Final Report on the Teletherapy Project Horace Mann Specialty School, OKC School System Joint Research Project: Jim Thorpe Rehab & Development Clinic & Cognitive Systems Inc. [The following information contains excerpts or parts taken from the above Study:] “Computer-based remediation also appears to be effective for cognitive-communication deficits secondary to traumatic brain injury. Participants who were …

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Implicit Learning

Recent research findings have indicated that the human brain has two different learning domains: Implict and Explicit.  The implicit domain involves the motor, perceptual and abstract thinking and reasoning skills with learning occurring without a person’s awareness even after a stroke or severe traumatic brain injury.  It is theorized that the implicit learning domain forms the foundation for all purposeful …

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Implicit Explicit Learning

After serious head injury, survivors may still be able to learn without awareness, via different brain structures New research gives hope for innovative rehabilitation WASHINGTON — Severe closed-head injury (CHI), like that caused in a car accident, can impair the ability for purposeful learning, for example in school or on the job. However, there is cause for hope: Psychologists have …

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